Free Instagram Tools

We know social media can be daunting and difficult, which is why we created free tools to help you not only get started but see where your social media is at. Take a look at our amazing list of free Instagram tools we built just for you. If you have any questions about our tools or how we can help your Instagram account grow, feel free to reach out at any time. 

About Path Social’s Instagram Tools

Many companies will have you pay or sign up to use their tools, but not Path Social. If you are getting started, use the username generator to get the best possible name for your account. Already using Instagram? Then try out the handy engagement rate calculator to see how well your Instagram really is doing. Looking for a way to boost your engagement and exposure? Use our popular hashtag generator to get the best possible hashtags to include on our Instagram. 

Our #1 Tool

While the tools we offer are great and something everyone should utilize to boost their social media, nothing beats using Path Social itself. Take the stress and worry of growing your Instagram completely out of the equation and allow Path Social’s award-winning growth team do the work for you.

Free Instagram Tools

We built these Instagram tools for you. No payment or sign-up required. 

Instagram Hashtag Generator

It’s not all about the most searched hashtags. Find the best hashtags for your niche so you can gain more exposure and engagement in no time.

Path Social’s Instagram hashtag generator is easy and free to use. 


Engagement Rate Calculator

Quickly find out your engagement rate with Path Social’s unique engagement rate calculator. All you need is a username!

Path Social’s Instagram engagement rate calculator is free and easy to use.

Username Generator

Sharing is caring so we built a username generator that’s great for not only Instagram but Youtube, Reddit, and more! 

Path Social’s username generator is completely free and easy to use.


Instagram Audit Tool

Have you ever looked at a profile and wondered if it’s fake? Now you can easily find out whether or not someone is trying to cheat with Path Social’s handy Instagram audit tool. 

Path Social’s Instagram audit tool is free and easy to use. Just enter the username!

About Path Social

Path Social is a social media agency dedicated to growing Instagram followers and engagement organically.