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  • #getpathsocial
  • 1.5m Posts

Recommended Hastags

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Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool

Get a list of the best hashtags for your niche with our free Instagram hashtag generator tool. The hashtags you get will help put you in the best spot on the explore page and gain you more engagement. All you have to do is type a hashtag of your choice to get started.


Search the Best Hashtags on Instagram

Path Social’s free Instagram hashtag generator helps you find the best and most relevant hashtags on Instagram. You’ll get an extensive list for you to use on your own Instagram posts.

About This Hashtag Generator

Path Social built this free and easy to use hashtag generator to help you gain more followers and exposure on Instagram. Comb through the top and most relevant hashtags in your very own niche for the best results.


Why Use Hashtags on Instagram?

Without hashtags, it will be hard to land your posts on the explore page and get people to your account. When you include hashtags in your posts and story you help distinguish your posts making it more likely for someone in the same niche to see it and click on your account.

You can include up to 30 hashtags in one Instagram post, but we recommend using a combination of the 15 most relevant and top hashtags for your posts.

About Path Social

Path Social helps you grow your Instagram followers and engagement rates organically.